WIP Wednesday: Checkers

I’m focusing on finishing some small projects before diving in to the Star Wars quilts since I’m still gathering my final applique images for those. Since I finished the baby changing mat earlier this week, I’ve moved onto a fun checkerboard project:

One of the things I inherited from Grama Eddie was an antique Chinese Checkers game box. Only… there’s no marbles for it, and I have no idea how to play Chinese Checkers anyway.  What was inside, however, were three different sizes of regular checkers.  The mini-size work with the game board on the antique box, but there’s a “regular’ size (about 1.5″ diameter?) and a giant size, about 3″ in diameter.  The giant size came with a plastic mat to play on, but that’s rather flimsy and not too fun, so I’m making a patchwork checker board. I’m going to do a modified quilt as you go technique, so I’ve sewed 5″ squares of red and white for one size, and will do green and black for the other side. It’s a great way to use up 128 5” squares from the scrap stash!  I’ll also need to make a bag or something to keep it and the checkers in.

After this is done, I’m going to do my last two Farmer’s Wife blocks and get the scrappy pinwheels sashed to 6.5″ so I can lay out the quilt top for the baby quilt.

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  1. Well, it had marbles when it was in my possession many years ago. I don’t know what her grandchildren did with them! 🙂 But think about the golf tee game in Cracker Barrel. Chinese Checkers is sort of like that. Love ya!

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