HtbaS – Episode 93

I still have a cold. Boo. The 1st Star Wars quilt is ready to be quilted, I snuck in a baby quilt, and talk about heinous melon babies.

Would you eat this?

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  1. I really have a problem with baby showers, which I assume the melon baby was made for. Whenever I hosted a baby shower the rules were:
    -no baby food. Eating babies (even made out of melon or cake) is just weird and freakish and cannot be good for the baby.
    -no stupid baby shower games. Anything to make the mom-to-be feel fatter than she already feels is bad
    -make mom-to-be feel special and loved was the primary goal.

    I made a number of quilts (you can see one here: at showers where all the guests drew or wrote things on the quilt squares, which I had pre-sashed and ironed onto freezer paper, that I eventually made into a quilt. There was a lot more laughing and conversation and only a little groaning with this activity.

    on melon baby!

  2. No way would I eat that baby head!
    Maybe you could stick a plastic doll in there!
    Hope you had fun at the baby shower anyway.
    I love your star wars quilts, they are great!
    Thank you for podcasting, I always love them.
    It feels like I have a friend in the sewing room with me!

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