May the Quilt Be With You: Artoo – FINISHED!

So maybe you heard I was working on a thing?

Artoo - Finished Quilt
With robots?
Artoo - Re-created in applique
And it had a handsome rogue?
Artoo - Han makes an appearance
And a bad guy?
Artoo - Darth Vader makes an appearance
Who likes to crush droids in trash compactors? (this tire fabric is one of my favorite parts)
Artoo - C-3P0 gets squashed in the trash compactor
I used a blocky meander around the center Artoo, straight line in the gray word border, and then a stipple in the rest (taking care to try to avoid stitching on anyone’s eye). The finished quilt measures 69×83″ which is sort of large, honestly. My dad is six feet tall so I guess it will cover him and a couple cats in the recliner. My parents will get it when they come to visit in a couple weeks!

8 Replies to “May the Quilt Be With You: Artoo – FINISHED!”

  1. Pam, I’ve listened to your podcast since the begining, and never thought you sounded particularly geeky, probably because my father is an engineer, 2 of my sisters are engineers, and 3 of my brothers are engineers. Geeky is normal in my world. But after hearing you talk about your Star Wars quilts, your plans for the death star, and how you referenced certain scenes in the Star Wars movies, I see where the ‘all things quilty and geeky’ description comes from. Even though I’m not a Star Wars fan, I love your quilt. Artoo is amazing! I look forward to seeing the others.

  2. This is not the Droid you are looking for….

    Great job on Artoo! I am sure people will be asking for a pattern. You had better start talking with George about licensing. šŸ˜‰

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