Periwinkle Posie – Finished!

Yesterday I finished the Periwinkle Posie quilt.  Since I have Star Wars applique going on, there’s a lot of prep work for that which doesn’t require my machine, so I loading up the PP quilt and had at a new quilt design after being inspired by Angela Walters’ new book.  I know about her class on Craftsy, too, but haven’t taken the plunge there yet.  Here’s the result:

Periwinkle PosieIt’s based around the applique block in the center, which was our sample from the applique class I took from Jan Cunningham.  I then surrounded it round-robin style with a combination of 3 1/2″ and 5″ squares from my scrap stash, as well as more HST leftovers from the Blue Swoon quilt (I still have 4 of those HSTs left – they apparently will never go away!).  The outer border is some yellow gingham I had in my stash.

The FMQ pattern I went with was the basic curves and swirls at the beginning of the book. I started in the upper right and worked my way around in quadrants. If you compare the upper right to the upper left, you can see the improvement in my swirling and spacing, although I still need more practice to nail it. I do like the look of the swirls on the gingham – gives it lots of texture!

Here’s a close-up of the center
Periwinkle Posie - Applique Close-up
Periwinkle Posie- Close-upAnd a detail shot of the lower left FMQ.

This quilt will also be going to Project Linus (and I’m excited to find a closer contact to drop quilts off with, so I don’t have to drive 20+ miles during regular business hours to make a donation!)

Gnomes As an added bonus, here is the little table mat I made my dad out of gnome fabric for his birthday last week.  I found the “annoying gnome” fabric in the sale room at Tiny Stitches, and the mere act of bringing it out to get a yard cut inspired two other quilters to get yardage as well.

5 Replies to “Periwinkle Posie – Finished!”

  1. Hey now. I love this little gnome print in small doses. It’s great to line a purse with. I cute little guy in there saying hello when you want your cup of coffee. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

  2. The quilting is gorgeous on your posie quilt! Nice work. I love spirals and the effect they create.

    So sorry, have to say that there’s a reason that fabric was in the sale room. I’m surprised it wasn’t in the “free to a good home” room.

    But good job! I’m sure your dad will be sufficiently creeped out by it!

  3. I love your Periwinkle Posie quilt! I wouldn’t have noticed the difference in quilting if you didn’t point it out. Angela’s book is my very favorite right now! Your table mat looks really cute even though I’m not crazy about gnomes either… But in this setting with the red and white dots and the dark blue outside I think it looks adorable. Hope your Dad won’t freak out! :)))

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