Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt: Finished

Such as it is. At least in a photo you can see the X pattern of the blocks. But the colors…. yeah.

You win some, you lose some. I would try the pattern again if I find myself with a plethora of 2 1/2″ strips, or in a more controlled colorway.

5 Replies to “Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt: Finished”

  1. Ermahgerd, that’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.. JUST KIDDING.. It’s quite charming, and I am sure whomever you give it to will LOVE it.

    1. I laugh out loud every time I see one of those ermahgerd memes.. The other day, my son and I got on a kick of reading all the netflix options in the ermahgerd voice.. Yes we’re dorks. LOL

  2. After listening to your podcast I was expecting the worst, some fugly quilt that would never see the light of day. However, it’s beautiful in its own ugly duckling sort of way. I actually kind of love it (don’t throw things at me), and the way it shines in the center is quite pretty. **runs and hides**

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