Wellspring Pinwheel Quilt – Finished

Well, we are getting Isaac rain right now in Atlanta, so I can’t take pics outside. And because we’ve just discovered on top of all the other problems, the cats have somehow gotten fleas, I am not going to lay this quilt out in my (carpeted) living room. So this is the best pic you’re going to get for a while.

The pinwheels are set on point in the quilt center, sashed by that light green print.  There is a strip of that blue fabric down each long side, and the final brown sashing/border completes it.  The back is that same blue fabric.  It’s twin-sized, and will go in the recovery house that Wellspring Living runs for girls rescued from human trafficking.
I also finished up this little item, made with leftovers from my Plume projects – these borders were too busy to work with my project, but they work great as a very fancy cat nap mat for Good Mews:
I had to stop mid-way through the quilting on it because of this:
 (and yes, I’ll wash this in hot water before giving it to Good Mews. Sigh)
And now I’m off to wash and seal all the quilts in my house so when I bomb for fleas on Thursday I won’t have to re-wash them. Double sigh.

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  1. Is it that bad that you’ll have to bomb the house? We had fleas in our cats really bad a year ago, but since we vacuum every other day they never got into the carpet and furniture. I read about the bomb, it doesn’t sound like fun at all….

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