WIP Wednesday: Distractions and Droids

I’ve gotten the first Star Wars quilt sandwiched, but it’s rather uninteresting to see a lump of basted quilt, so instead here’s a shot of what’s on my machine for a small distraction before going to town quilting an Artoo unit.Ā  I also got all the last bits assembled for the second top with the exception of the applique. Once that’s in place, that top should come together quickly.

And by “small”, I mean 2″ squares, not small in quantity, because this is the 2nd group of these shapes I’m sewing for a total of 288 total. This is a new scrappy quilt that I’m working on that will remain a bit of a mystery until I get the kinks worked out in the design.

The Helper Cats have rallied a bit this week, so we are enjoying our time together. Zoom insists on sitting right next to or on top of what I am sewing on the machine, which is lovely if I was trying to hold it down, but not so great for actual sewing.

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