WIP Wednesday: The One Where My Stash Threw Up

Oh… my. I got slightly derailed from Star Wars quilts by the appearance of the missing Scrappy Trip Around the World swap blocks from my “angel” in New Zealand (hi Carol! Thanks!) who stepped in to make me some after my original partner flaked out.  From the swap I got 8 blocks total, which isn’t really enough to make a quilt with, so I made up 8 more from my 2 1/2″ strip scrap bin, and ended up with a 48×48″ quilt, which is a good baby size.  I am not sure this particular quilt works for me as a general colorway, which is to say there is no colorway.  It’s all over the place with colors, which isn’t so troubling – it’s more that the various blocks are blending some clear and some muddy colors and I find that troublesome. I’m about halfway done quilting it, though.

And this also happened last weekend:

A fellow Good Mews volunteer and former quilter gave me a bin filled with fabrics (the clear bin, to be exact – there’s more fabric in there). I’ll talk about “triaging” fabric donations in my next podcast, but this is my first pass at sorting through things. There’s lots of fun cat fabric to use to make nap mats, and also lots of fun novelty prints and some tonals.  It’s helping to fill in that purple/pink hole in my stash, and more blues and greens, too.  I went through and picked out some fabrics to make pillowcases with for ConKerr, too:

This is fabric for 13 pillowcases.  I can probably eek out some more after I find good coordinates for it.

This intake is making me re-think my fabric organization and I’m coming to realize that I need to devote some time this weekend to finishing the cutting table I was supposed to for Christmas (yes, last Christmas, and it’s now August and the pieces are still in the basement) so I can re-arrange my storage. So I think I’ll be taking another slight detour from focusing on sewing fabric to focusing on organizing fabric.

4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: The One Where My Stash Threw Up”

  1. I like your scrappy TAR quilt! That’s neat that someone gave you quilting fabric. Storage is always an issue, isn’t it? I’ll get around to organizing my studio….tomorrow.

  2. While I wouldn’t use your term, your scrappy quilt is kind of … undistinguished. Some people love that old fashioned, scrappy look, tho. Someone will love it. I like the variety that using scraps brings to a quilt, but I have a definite need to control the colors. Which leaves me with some odd left-overs.

    I know you talked before about how you get so much quilting done, but could you flip it around and talk about how you manage to work from home? I know you don’t usually have to amuse children while you’re doing it, but how do you deal with housework, picking up kids, and other demands, while still giving an honest day’s work?

  3. I have been wondering about that cutting table.

    Re: trip around the world – the fabrics seem on the muddy side to me, which might be why you are feeling ‘meh’ about it. Hang it up once it is done and see what you think after a few days.

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