WIP Wednesday: This the Droid You’re Looking For

Having cut out the big squares for the border, the next piece of business for the Star Wars quilts is the applique design in the centers.  My parents requested an R2D2 for theirs, so I’ve been searching out line art or color pages, and lucked out thanks to the internet.  Because the centers will measure about 27×40.5″, I need a pretty big Artoo unit, although I may add some smaller elements or quilting detail once I see how this works out.  To make it big, I used the “poster print out” option on my printer to blow up a regular 8.5×11″ picture by 300%.  Here I am getting some helpering to tape it together:

I had a little helper when I was piecing R2D2 together.
After Zapper had drooled sufficiently on the paper, I pieced the rest of it together. Here I am helpering her to take a nap by making her give Artoo a mustache. Or sideburns. Not quite sure which.
In Which Zapper gives R2D2 a Moustache
Artoo measures about 16×25″. I’ve got the applique stabilizer cut out, and picked out my colors for him.  Next up is getting the fabric wrapped around the stabilizer and stitched down.

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  1. Looking really good. I should have thought to ask if you needed any detail shots while we were at Disneyland. We only went on Star Tours 3x this time. The boys couldn’t stay away.

  2. I’ve tried poster printing on my printer and can never get it to work. Although it enlarges it, it only prints out a section of the enlarged picture on one piece of paper. I’ve contacted my printer customer service and no one could help me and I also googled it. I have an Epson & it annoys me that I know my printer can do this but I/they can’t figure out how. Manual is no help either. Any suggestions??

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