Beep Boop Quilt: Finished!

I wanted to wait until I got the delivery confirmation for this quilt, and hopefully I’m not spoiling anything by posting the pictures here now (SURPRISE BURJIT!).  Here’s is the Beep Boop quilt:

Beep Boop Quilt
Bridget is a fan of robots and the color blue. And awesomeness. Fortunately, I can fit all three of those things in a quilt, so I hope she likes it. If not, oh well. She lives in Chicago and can probably always use another blanket. 🙂
Beep Boop Quilt
In the blue frame around the white block where the word “click” is quilted, you can see the robot fabric that inspired the color scheme.  I was very happy to find the circuit board fabric on the long borders in the exact right shade, too. You can also see I quilted the words “beep boop” in the quilt in places, too. I also quilted a slightly naughtier phrase in one area, which is the true name for the quilt. Click to see it if you aren’t offended by curse words.
As I told Bridget, making this quilt for her brought me some happiness at a time when I needed it.  And I had some helpering with it from someone else who needed some happiness:
Zoom is helpering with the Beep Boop quilt.

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  1. At first, I thought this was a BABY quilt. Then I clicked on the naughty word link and realized it couldn’t be.

    Fantastic work as always, Pam.

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