CATS! (the quilt): Finished!

As you could imagine, this is a bittersweet finish for me. This quilt is being donated to benefit Good Mews and another rescue organization through a raffle hosted by one of the vet clinics that donates services to the shelter. Despite the mingling of real life into this quilting process, I am happy with how it turned out, and consider it a very successful scrappy project.  I’ll talk more about what makes a successful vs unsuccessful scrappy project on the next podcast.

CATS! (the quilt)
The idea for this quilt started with the embroidered cat blocks I picked up at a quilt show- they were around 11×11″, and I cut them down to 7-1/2×7-1/2″.  Knowing that I was going for a 12 block layout, and planned some BIG blocks that measure 15×18 finished for a 3×4 layout. I had also bought this hilarious cat dating service fabric a while ago, and the coloring gave me the palette for the quilt.
CATS! (the quilt)
 This is my “A” block – there are six.  It has some 5″ squares, a string block, and a 2 1/2″ strip.  Convenient how I designed the block to use those specific sized scraps already in my stash, eh? I decided this was my first and only string experience, hence the string purge last week.  This particular cat makes me laugh because of its pose and expression, as if to say, “Do you like my sassypants?”
CATS! (the quilt)
This is my “B” block. It relies primarily on 3 1/2″ squares and 5″ squares, as well as one bigger piece of cat themed fabric, primarily coming from the stash I inherited from a fellow Good Mews volunteer.
The quilt is finished with a narrow Kona Snow border, and a red fabric with black swirls. The back is a red flannel, and is quilted overall in a meander (lost some inspiration to be creative this week).  I’ll get it to the clinic within the next week, and hope it brings lots of money to benefit the kitties.

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