Helper Cats: Meet the New Crew

It was with much anticipation that we went to Good Mews yesterday to adopt some new kitties. The kitten room was chock full with 15 kittens there, and about 10 more in the back (in from foster homes, but not in the kitten room itself). We had thought perhaps 2 kittens, or 2 kittens and an older cat, but with Fred in the picture we thought all kittens would be the way to go.

Jett at the shelter

Our first pick was Jett. Here he is at the shelter on the green hammock.  I should say Jett picked us. Within 2 minutes of my son sitting down on the floor, Jett climbed in his lap and wouldn’t leave. Then my daughter sat down and Jett climbed in her lap. Then he got in my lap. Then I made my husband sit down and Jett got in his lap. Jett wanted to cover all the bases.  Jett’s litter was named after the West Side Story, and his mother Maria is still at the shelter.

You’ll notice Jett has a little problem with his right eye; he had a conjunctival infection as a kitten, and has had to have several surgeries to trim his third eyelid (the grey part that closes over a cat’s eye underneath the regular eyelid) to relieve pressure on this eye.  He has a follow-up with the animal eye doctor on Tuesday from the last surgery, and there is a good chance he’ll have to have that eye removed.  Right now he’s getting drops in it twice a day, but in looking at his medical record I noted that the eye has shrunk somewhat, which isn’t a good sign for keeping it.  There are lots of cats that get along fine with one eye, so we’re not really concerned about his ability to function without it. I would rather he not be uncomfortable.  Jett is seven months old, the oldest in the kitten room, and I think it was concerns about his eye that kept him from being adopted because he is a lover boy. Lucky for him we are okay with special needs kitties!

Morelli at the shelter

Our second pick practically made itself also, since Morelli is Jett’s bud and climbed into my son’s lap along with Jett.  Here is Morelli at the shelter (on the highest shelf, of course).  Morelli is a sweetheart, and his litter was named after the Janet Evanovich characters in the Stephanie Plum books.  Morelli would really just like to be everyone’s friend, and for everyone to get along.  Morelli is 5 months old.

Jett and Morelli like to chill in front of the window in the bedroom right now:

Jett and Morelli relax at the window
 And finally we have little Nina, who was known as Ninja Girl in her foster home.
Nina lies in wait
I’m sure you can imagine how she got that name. 
Nina contemplatesNina had 3 brothers and a sister, and is rather rare in that orange tabby female cats are not all that common – on 15-20% of orange tabbies are female.  Nina is 4 months old. Morelli really wants to get to know her, but Nina is keeping some distance from the boys for now.  Since she wasn’t in the kitten room with them, but rather in the isolation room with her siblings, she hadn’t met them before. She is, however, a fan of us people, and spent most of the night in various positions on my head or next to my pillow.
Fred would like snuggles nao kthxbaiFred has been pretty patient as we go in and out of our bedroom to tend to the kittens.  He knows something is going on in there, and always looks relieved when I emerge, as if he’s grateful the monsters didn’t eat me. We’ll probably do a first introduction tonight, and when Fred is at the vet for his first heartworm treatment tomorrow the kittens will get to explore the rest of the house.

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  1. Good Mews staff must be so happy to have found such a loving home for three kittens. Congrats to your growing family. I like the names of the cats. I will look forward hearing about the new helper cats in future podcasts.

  2. Yay for the new helpers! I look forward to hearing from them on future podcasts, if they’re willing and not “too” helper-y.

    p.s. for those that haven’t seen the explanation of my screen name: Engr = Engineer.

  3. They are such an adorable bunch! I love their stories and feel so sorry for Jett :(( Who’d think an eye infection can end up being so serious :(( Hope tonight’s introduction will be successful and the kitties will get along fine with Fred. Or Fred with the kitties? :)) Looking forward to the fun stories to come!

  4. I am beginning to understand that you don’t undertake things gingerly – you are a ‘have at it’ kind of girl! I was rather miffed about the lack of podcast last week but I suppose I can forgive. It’s Monday – I hope Jack has good news.

  5. Pam, I’m so happy for you, I know how much you love your kitties! You are now immersed! I know nothing will ever take the place of Z and Z, but these will be a nice distraction…

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