Meanwhile, during Labor Day weekend…

I went to DragonCon for a bit with my son, and one of my goals was to find a Stormtrooper or other Star Wars character to hold up the Artoo quilt for a picture.  It was super crowded and loud but we managed to find a willing accomplice:

Keeping it Real
Star Wars Quilt, Episode 2 - A New CenterI also made significant progress and got the top finished for the second Star Wars quilt for my BIL – here is the center before stitching down the applique (slightly overexposed, alas).  I’ve since added a narrow red/gold patterned border around Vader to make him stand out more.

I’ll also add a bit of detail to the lightsaber handles and the Stormtrooper with the quilting, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Vader’s coloring is a little off, but I’m going to try to remedy that with some art quilt techniques.

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