Sad Trombone! No Podcast This Week

I just checked my stats at Podomatic and I’m at 116% bandwidth so no new podcast this week; bandwidth will reset on Oct 7. Honestly it’s just as well since I haven’t actually gotten much sewing done since last week, as you can imagine.

Fred on Ted
Fred on Ted

Fred is adapting well to our family so far, and we start his treatment for the heartworms on Monday since we’ve gotten the all clear from the vet on his kidney and liver function. He’ll have to stay calm and not active for about 4 months while the drugs do their work to kill the little beasties and his body absorbs them.

I had my time to grieve for Zoom yesterday while Fred was at the vet for the day for x-rays and bloodwork, and while I may have had doubts about the timing of Fred’s coming to live with us, I could tell I was over them when the tech brought him into the exam room for me to pick up, and he wiggled his little nubbin tail and me and I was genuinely happy to see him. He is my little shadow, and we are figuring out this whole dog ownership thing together. To my husband’s dismay, Fred is quite fond of me (and my quilts), and can’t be bothered too much with him. So much for Fred being “the boys’ pet” in the family!

Thank you for your kind words on Zoom and Fred, and look for some pictures of a new crew of Helper Cats tomorrow after we get home from Good Mews!

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  1. I’m so sorry about your loss. I too am a cat person who lives with a dog. My husbands Jessie is quite a girl she has made my journey with his illiness much easier. I have to say dogs can be a comfort in times of need. Give Fred a hug and take care of yourself and have fun finding your next little loves…Adele

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