WIP Wednesday: The Sentimental One

After finishing the massive cutting table, and the sadness of last week, and with doing something to my neck this week and getting another cold, things have been slow this week.  Mostly I’ve been playing with this tablerunner idea I’ve had floating around in my head.

When I saw the Sentiments Christmas line by 3 Sisters for Moda, it immediately made me think of my aunt’s house, which is full of Victorian knick-knacks and the comforting presence of family.  The fact that the line featured a panel of vintage postcards sealed the deal, and I had the idea to embroider the names of my female relatives on the postcard panels, in their own handwriting.  Here’s two samples (my handwriting, and Grama Eddie’s):

There are six different postcard designs on the panel, with repeats, so I’ve gotten Grama Eddie’s (my aunt’s mother), my mom, me, my sister, and my aunt’s two daughters.  One of my cousins passed around 30 years ago, and I know my aunt still misses her every day, and I am so grateful that my mom kept all sorts of cards and mementos, one of which was a “Congratulations on the New Baby” card from when my sister was born from this cousin, which she signed.
It was a bit awkward to send an email asking my other cousin for a handwriting sample, but I think once I explained what it was for, she loved the idea. And didn’t think I was trying to steal her identity. Whew.
And here is a little peek of the oversized nap mat I made for my new cutting table:

It’s about a yard of fabric sandwiched and quilted – 4 FQs from the Mama Said Sew fabric line sewed together backed with a cat print fabric from my stash.  I made it oversized so it could be folded in multiple layers for extra comfort.  Of course Zoom doesn’t want to sit on it now that it’s done, but she helpered me make it, though.
Plus 10 for Literacy, Minus 20 for Timing

6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: The Sentimental One”

  1. I had to comment on the ‘cat goes here’ quilt. Too funny. I think I need to make one of those for my sneaky cat! I usually never see him, just find the hairs.

  2. I clicked through from freshly pieced for the cat quilt- I’m a sucker for animals on quilts (mine “participate” whenever possible), but I really love your sentimental postcard-christmas quilt!! The idea of embroidering your family members name in their own handwriting is fabulous. What a special present!

  3. I love the Cat Goes Here. It makes me laugh especially when you said Zoom wouldn’t sit on it. I was a little confused about the tablerunner and family signatures, but look forward to seeing how that project develops.

  4. the “Cat Goes Here” cracked me up!! I need one of these for my boys! Though once I spent days hand-sewing a fish bed for them that they wouldn’t leave alone while I was working and as soon as it was finished they never even looked at it. Haha. Cats.

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