Cat Bed Makeover: Finished!

I was asked by the organizers of the Kitty Kegger auction for Good Mews if I could makeover a bed that had been donated to the shelter so it would be suitable for the auction.  Here’s a before picture of what I had to work with:

Cat Bed Makeover - Before
It was obviously used, as you can tell from the layer of cat hair stuck to it.  The original fabric was a stretchy knit polyester, and I think it had a “whoopsie” on it at some point based on some staining I found on the velcro that attaches the bed to the frame.  Here it is after the makeover:
Cat Bed Makeover
It had been suggested that I go for pink and frilly, but I just couldn’t commit to pink in case someone with a boy cat wanted to buy it. This way, it’s moderately frilly, but not over the top. And of course I made mini quilt for it.
Cat Bed Makeover - After
(don’t tell, but Morelli sat it in last night)

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