Gamequilt: Finished! Sort of.

Well, I still need to finish the game pieces (yo-yo’s), but the quilt itself is done. Please pardon the wind:


Clockwise from top left, the games are checkers, slide ring (I think that was made up for this quilt just to do a double wedding ring block!), mancala, tic-tac-toe, and a “Big Arc” game, which is sort of like Candy Land.

I think I’m going to give it as a Christmas present to one of my grand-nephews instead of the big brother gift, since that will save me buying a Christmas gift this year.  It will also save me from making giant dice to go with this since the recipient is 3 1/2. I will figure out something else for the Big Brother gift, which won’t be needed until March or so of next year.

Bonus picture of Morelli helpering with the basting. Just after this picture was taken, Jett skidded into the room and smushed it up so I had to start over.

Morelli is helpering with quilt basting.

The finished quilt is 55 x 61″.  It uses a lot of piecing on interfacing, and using interfacing to make those arcs and double wedding ring blocks. It was interesting, but not sure it’ll be something I’ll repeat.

I’m also entering this in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (in the baby quilt category)! Go check out other awesome entries!

6 Replies to “Gamequilt: Finished! Sort of.”

    1. Valerie- I think it only takes one kitten to make basting challenging! Jett was fond of the safety pins, and kept patting them and trying to dislodge them once they were in the quilt.

  1. I kept yelling fuzzy dice at you in my car. I think the other drivers thought I might be losing my mind. If they only knew! I don’t know where to buy fuzzy dice, but I imagine that your engine type DH might know or one of those car places where the clerks look terrified when a woman walks in and tries to buy windshield wipers might have them. You could trim off the string that holds them to the rearview mirror.

    Love the look of the quilt. Very fun. You are going to have plenty of room for new fabric.

  2. working on this exact same quilt right now! thanks, jaye, for the idea of using fuzzy dice! think my DH would miss his? lol

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