HtbaS – Episode 100!

It’s the special Jazz Hands edition as I hit 100 episodes and 2 years of podcasting! I give a book review on ScrapTherapy Cut the Scraps!, a Veteran’s Day Google Hangout, a review of a recipe for Spaghetti con Burro e Pomopori, and talk about a concurrent scrap project for Project Linus and the Raisin’ Heck quilt.

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  1. Pam, Have you ever watched the two minute videos on They are amazing free motion quilting clips from a girl who did the Free Motion Quilting Project.

    They are very inspiring when you are sick of your own quilting designs.

  2. I went to the Georgia Quilt Show yesterday. I’m glad I went, partly because I’m kind of becoming a hermit. It did seem small, which surprised me, but I had a fun day. Only bought a few things….fell in love with some of the silks and bought a small kit of those. While I enjoyed the show, I probably won’t go back next year due to the distance from me, unless there are some great classes I can take.

  3. Happy 100th episode/podiversary! I don’t often comment, but always listen. You help keep me motivated with my quilting. As a real world person with family, work, etc, I am amazed that you have time to podcast too. So I really don’t mind any delays or irregularity to your schedule. I am just happy to listen when you have time to podcast. Quilt long and prosper!

  4. Love Sew Batik wares; they were at Hershey show this summer and enjoyed seeing all the colors.

    I’ve enjoyed the “Cut the Scraps” book since “Quilting for the Rest of Us ” recommended it.

    I do have to disagree with one thing…commuting 1.5 to 2 hours a day cuts down on my productivity. We DO both have supportive spouses, though. That’s the biggest help of all (and I will start that three things a day thing!)

    All the best.

  5. Life isn’t always peaches and roses at our house and I have to admit that I was unhappy for awhile. I decided that I would be nicer to DH – just little things like touching his arm as I walked by, quick kiss for no reason, sitting next to him on the couch, etc. I didn’t tell him; I just did it. I did it for myself. I also decided to try and talk to him about stuff I kept in. Nicely. I tried to talk to him nicely. Things got better for me. I am happier, our communication got better. We work together more. We have our moments, but I don’t have try as much to do those little things. They are a habit now.

  6. I agree that being ready for the next step is critical to moving through projects. When I have to flail around for the next piece of fabric or pattern step, etc I don’t get as much done. That being said, I think that mulling things over is underrated and I am glad you are waiting for inspiration to strike before you start on the Grandmother’s Garden quilt. Check here for inspiration:

  7. Enjoyed the podcast. I have had a similar experience with Martelli cutters (they started to fix mine and just handed me a new one). I have their circle hoop for free motions, jury still out on that though.

    I also have borrowed from the library the “Cut the Scraps” book a couple of times. Really like it.

    Happy podcastaversary.

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