Nostalgic Tablerunner: Finished!

Nostalgic TablerunnerThis morning I finished binding the tablerunner while waiting for a query to run for work. Then I had to re-run the query for work because something barfed in my computer, but that’s neither here nor there.

The total project measures 58″ x 23″ (I think – don’t quote me on that), and was made from a charm pack, panel, and vintage postcard print from the Sentiments line by 3 Sisters from Moda.  I took the panel and cut it up and got one of each of the 6 postcards to embroider the names of my female relatives on my mom’s side. Since this is for my aunt, I used me, my sister, my mom, my 2 cousins and my grandmother’s signatures gathered from various family records and mildly suspicious emails sent to my cousin promising not to steal her identify if she would just please send me her autograph.

I also used green from my stash to set the postcards wonky and for the binding, and some red for the final outer border.

Here’s a picture of the quilting/embroidery detail on the postcard I “signed” (click through to visit flickr and enlarge).
Nostalgic Tablerunner
I used a new (to me) quilting pattern from the Angela Walters book. On a the scale of Jacked Up Quilting that goes from “Eh… not bad” to “OY VEY”, I give it a “Huh”.  I like the texture, and I like it for smaller quilts since I find that quilting patterns that repeat on themselves frustrate me with the seeming lack of progress, of which pebbling is the extreme. You can also see a bit of the quilting on the HST border, but here’s a better shot of that.
Nostalgic Tablerunner
I drew that heart and the fans, and just free-handed the fans in the white part of the HSTs to match.
Nostalgic Tablerunner

For the back, I used the postal print from the line along with some additional charm pack squares to make it the right length.

Phantom quilt view, taken from behind facing the sun!

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  1. This is a lovely gift for your aunt. I’m not crazy about the new quilting design (just ok), but love the fans in the HSTs. Like the wonky setting for the postcards.

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