W(h)ine Country: Finished!

Oh, hey. Finished another Christmas present! I present W(h)ine Country:

W(h)ine Country
W(h)ine Country measures 61×79″ and is a Spa Quilt. For those not familiar with the concept, a Spa Quilt is a quilt you get under when you need to take a chill break and everyone else needs to leave you alone: your own personal spa moment in your own home. With this one, the colors conveniently hide both white and red wine spills, so double bonus!
I had clipped this pattern out of a magazine from 2005, so it’s rather old. If I’m having an honest Tim Gunn moment about it, I would put my glasses on the end of my nose and say “I’m concerned”. The pattern works up pretty quick, but is slightly over-designed. The designer fully admitted that she’s a big fan of pinwheels and puts them in wherever she can.  I think it could have used a simpler border where that slanted piano key border is – even a plain piano key border would simplify it a bit.
W(h)ine Country
I like that you get a different look by varying the values in the center blocks and keeping the same pattern, but you do need to stay organized to make it work. 
I pulled the colors from the grape fabric in the outer border, and it’s completely from my stash. I forgot to get a picture of the back, but it’s primarily the purple plaid fabric with some smaller pieces of the other purples in the front. I don’t think I have a lot more Christmas presents to make, but it’s nice to make a dent in some projects.
Bonus picture of pink Nina toes as she helped hold it down for me while I was trying to quilt it:
Pink Jellybeans

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  1. Oh, I’m on a spa week as a matter of fact! Someone almost crashed into me 10 minutes ago that would’ve been the cherry on top! Your quilt looks beautiful, you were right in your podcast when you said you were a pretty good quilter. You. Are. Awesome! Now…. Can you make one for me too? Not sure if I had the patience to start one like this :)) great stash busting for sure!

  2. Love the idea that it hides red wine stains – that immediately puts a “spa” quilt on my to-do list for this winter…. 😉

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