WIP Wednesday: Halloweenie

I love the feeling of finishing a project, and staring at the pile of things to be started and imagining anything is possible! I could quilt the world! Warmth for everyone! And then reality comes crashing down and I remember I have to sew some white fleece on a black shirt to be a kitty tummy for my daughter’s Halloween costume. Boring.

I’m still working on the Sugar & Spice blocks for the Project Linus quilt, and planning to quilt Grandma’s Garden. I’m thinking I’ll work on the Star Wars quilt next, piecing-wise.

I’ve been industrious this week as I got a donation box with some supplies to make nap mats for Good Mews, so I’ve prepped a giant pile using fabrics from my own stash to make about 20.Ā  Jett is playing Vanna for me next to the stack – it’s about 20 nap mats-worth of fabric (each is the size of a fat quarter):

Jett is supervising the creation of nap mats.

Also included in the box were some pillowcases to donate to ConKerr, so that inspired me to whip up 8 more of my own. As a result I’ve got a nice pile to put in the donation box at the quilt shop at our guild meeting on Sunday.

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