WIP Wednesday: Is This Thing On?

There has been a lot going on at my house, and now I understand why most people looked at us like we were crazy when we told them we adopted a dog and 3 cats in the same week.  Especially so soon after losing Zoom. But, that bell has been rung. And not filled with rum and 3,000 pounds of sugar, as the Ramblin’ Wreck song would have you hope (holla to my alma mater, Georgia Tech!).

Anywho, after the utter chaos of last week, I am making progress on the Nostalgic tablerunner. The center is 80% quilted, and I’m using a new (to me) quilting design of nested paisleys from the Angela Walters book.  I have no pictures of that because I am lazy and saving camera batteries for multitudes of kitten and Fred pictures. Instead I’ll leave you with two picture from Monday, when the kittens got to explore while Fred was starting his treatment for heartworms:

Jett and Morelli are Helper Cats
Please note that Morelli can read, and is following the “cat goes here” instructions. All other kitties are literate as well, but Morelli is the only one I got a picture of.
Nina is also a Helper Cat in training. Level 1 training begins with clearing the workspace of distractions like pens or pencils:
Nina is also a Helper Cat

6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Is This Thing On?”

  1. They have creepy eyes, which I know is just the camera flash, but still. I am glad to know you picked the literate ones. 😉

    I hope you are not planning on giving the black cat (forgot name) a haircut!

  2. Oh Pam, I had a good laugh :)) I guess kitties are so alike, ours do the same things as yours 🙂 You can’t leave anything on the table because they’ll push it around until it goes on the floor and the table is clear. Morelli is such a smarty to be able to read! 🙂 At least your nap mat is getting some use! The pictures are great, looking forward to see the quilted Nostalgic table runner.

  3. I am seriously late to this party (due to the fact that I can’t post comments from my iPhone, for some reason, and whenever I’m at the PC I forget) but now I’m at the PC, and remembering, so… so so sad to hear about Zoom and Zapper leaving you to go be with Grandma Eddie. Dang, they do leave such holes behind, don’t they?
    But – welcome to the new Helper Cat crew. Looks like they’re making a good start on the helpering front – and yay for smart Morelli!
    I hope the dog/cat introductions are going better. Ours went badly wrong after the second dog arrived, and I now have two completely outdoor cats, instead of two indoor/outdoor cats 🙁
    Love the new sewing room furniture, and am as ever envious and awestruck at the amount you get done!

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