WIP Wednesday: Lessons Learned

Nina has since learned this is not a good place to lay.
Nina has since learned this is not a good place to lay. No one was injured except the needle that got broken, but the loud noise reinforced what I’d been saying – kittens shouldn’t lay that close to the machinery when I’m at the sewing machine. Jett & Morelli were wisely napping elsewhere. Or dislodging the vent hose behind the dryer again.
I did finish W(h)ine Country, and will post pictures shortly, but here’s what I’m working on now. Well, part of it anyway.
WIP Wednesday
On the left is the picture of “Gamequilt”, which is a toddler-sized quilt with a couple different board games on it – tic tac toe, checkers, mandala. I’m making it as a “big brother” present to accompany a baby quilt to be delivered early next year. It’s using up lots of scraps in different sizes.  On the right are parts for the Sugar blocks for the Sugar & Spice quilt, also using scraps.  I’m using those blocks as leaders and enders for constructing the Gamequilt, so making two quilts at once!  The Sugar & Spice quilt will be baby sized, and a donation for Project Linus.
Once I finish these two small quilts, it’ll be time to work on a big quilt, probably my son’s Christmas quilt, or finish Grandma’s Garden.

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  1. Love the game quilt idea! Sounds like a really fun project for a toddler. And your kitty is beautiful. My mom’s kitty always wanted to be right in her fabric bins- no injuries ever but it always resulted in very furry fabric.

  2. I am making a game quilt for the beach, but only with Checkers/Chess and Tic Tac Toe. Mancala would be a fun addition to mine and it looks like an easy board to piece with just the squares and rectangles. I have not heard of Mandala. Which of the blocks is it?

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