WIP Wednesday: Scrapping

I spent my sewing time at the beginning of this week cleaning out the basket of bits of fabric on my cutting table that is reserved for “fabric to be cut into scraps”. Because my system, as you know, is to have 2″, 3 1/2″, 5″ and 10″ squares, 2 1/2″x WOF strips, or random 2 1/4″ strips (since I got rid of strings I will keep 2 1/4″ wide strings to use for scrappy bindings).  The key factor to this system, however, is keeping up with cutting leftover fabrics brings into these sizes. Sure, I should cut as I go, but sometimes I’m on a roll, so I just keep a basket on the cutting table to throw fabric bits into that need to be cut.  Anyway, here’s my scrap cutting yield from that overflowing basket.

Trimming Scraps
Having finished the top of the giant scrappy quilt, I’ve moved on to a mix of projects. I’m working on blocks for a quilt I’m calling “Raisin’ Heck”, as well as a scrappy Sugar & Spice quilt from some of those pre-cut scraps seen above (in yellows, reds, and oranges). On top of that, there are smaller projects like Halloween costume accessories and various pet accessories.
I’m still stumped on how to quilt Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  Here’s the shop picture of the finished top – mine is similar in layout but with slightly different colors. Any ideas on what to do for quilting?

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  1. Beautiful flowers! It is sort of a tough one to quilt. Do you machine quilt or hand quilt? I could see one wave sort of design on the borders and then quilting each of the flowers differently, but that would only really work for hand quilting.

  2. I am not that great at this but I would start with echo quiltng the sashing and then probably each flower. That may take a bit though.

    I wish I were as organized as you with my scraps.

  3. Oh, those scraps! I just spent 2 hours last night after the broadcast cutting up my scraps too. Only half way through… Loving the fabric on the bottom right corner!
    I’d do one design in the white background and maybe just outline the flowers, or stitch in the ditch.

  4. This top cries out for hand quilting to me too! Accenting the flowers would be fun. Easy to machine quilt the sashing if you don’t mind mixing the two.

    I saved scraps long before I started cutting them up. Having just a basket full seems great to me!

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