A Very Scrappy Christmas Quilt: Revealed!

Remember those vague references to a gianormous quilt I finished but couldn’t share details of?

BAM! Of course the pictures I took are held hostage on my laptop, which is currently disassembled, but my mom sent me a picture of the quilt on their bed. Also, this is Cinder, helper cat extraordinaire; she got first dibs on sitting on it.

I made this quilt over the past year using Bonnie Hunter’s Jared Takes a Wife patterns.  The four patches in the blocks (there are 36 12″ blocks with alternating red and green centers) are made with 2″ squares, so those were my leaders and enders on lots of other quilts.  Each block has 53 (!!!) pieces in it, which is 1,908 little pieces. in the 36 blocks. Plus the sashing and the cornerstones and the 3″ checkerboard border I added to make it nice and BIG for their king sized bed.

That’s a lot of fricking pieces. And what’s funny is that I made that quilt because I had all those hunter greens and burgundies in my stash that didn’t mix with my modern fabrics and I wanted to use them up. Guess what I’m using for Easy Street? Same dang fabrics because I only used up a third of what I had in my stash. Sheesh.

But I knew that my parents would like a traditional quilt. And hey, if they didn’t like it, it’s a Christmas quilt and they only have to look at it once a year.

It was so big that I opted to have my friend Chris quilt it on her longarm for me.  Here’s a good shot of the checkerboard border.  She did a great job with swirling and adding in some holly leaves and berries, too.

I’m hopeful I can recover some of my pictures of the quilt to add to this post, and my mom just took these for me to post. The centers were constants, either the burgundy or the green Christmas fabrics.

I just couldn’t sit on this anymore! I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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  1. Nice job! I guess those billion frillion pieces in each block kept you busy for 5 minutes longer than normal? 😉 I am not jealous of your productivity. Really!

  2. It looks stunning! Just the size of it is ginormous! Hope you’ll be able to recover your pictures from your HD! I’m amazed by your work 🙂 Tell Chris I absolutely love the quilting on it, it’s really pretty!

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