Easy Street – Step 1 Finished!

Easy Street - Step 1

Well, my feet may hurt from standing at the pressing table, and my neck might be sore from hunching over the sewing machine, but by golly I got 192 four patches sewn tonight for the first step of Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street. (I should point out this is in addition to finishing the quilting and binding on the Star Wars quilt – pictures tomorrow when the lighting it better on that).

This brown is not my favorite color, but it’s a nice complement to the dark greens, burgundies, and golds in the rest of the quilt. For reference, here are the fabrics I am using for this little soiree.

Christmasy Colors for my fabric choices!You can see other quilters’ progress on Bonnie’s linky post.

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  1. Great job and I love the color palette. My neck can be sore with you tomorrow as I finished too, but got only some large 9-patches as an aside then major knitting at night.

  2. well I finally found another quilter who is using the same colors as me!
    My brown is darker but the golds, green and burgundies are the same
    Can,t wait to see the end result

  3. I love your colors. Congrats on finishing all the blocks in ONE DAY!!! I’m impressed. I’m still trying to decide whether to play along or not. I can’t sew for another 2 weeks and will be way behind…. Looking at the posts from Bonnie’s linky is encouraging me, though.
    Nancy from joy for grace

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