Grandma’s Garden: Finished!

For reference, here is a picture of Grandma P., who inspired this quilt. She’s my dad’s mother, and this is her wedding portrait.

Grandma P, on her wedding day

When Tiny Stitches did the Saturday Sampler program with the reproduction fabrics, I was a little aimless in it for the first few months. I was already attending the Saturday sessions for a quilt I really wanted to make (what became Furever Homes, and now Memories of Provence), so I figured what the heck. But inspiration struck when I started thinking of my grandmothers.

I’ve talked a lot about Grama Eddie (my mom’s mom) on the podcast because she died after I started podcasting.  My dad’s mom died several years before, and was preceded in death by her husband, my only grandfather, who died when I was in college.  I always think of my Grandma P as eminently practical, whereas Grama Eddie was more fanciful.  Now, I know they were both more complex women than that, but I consider anyone who lived on a farm to be rather practical. Particularly this farm:

Grandma and Grandpa's Farm

This is where my dad and his siblings grew up in Ohio. I have great memories of visiting every summer (although my particular personality quirks probably make it seem like I don’t enjoy being anywhere except home, even as a child).

I imagine the words of wisdom that I embroidered on these blocks are Grandma P-inspired.  She was a woman who did not put up with a lot of nonsense, so while I’m sure the words “Crack don’t smoke itself” never crossed her lips, I’m pretty sure she’d agree with the sentiment.  So here’s the finished quilt, interspersed with the individual blocks and some quilting detail shots.

You can click through to look at the pictures individually to see more of my feather work. And here’s a parting shot of my grandparents – my dad is the oldest son:

My Dad and His Family

6 Replies to “Grandma’s Garden: Finished!”

  1. This turned out so well! It reminds me of the quilts my great grandmothers made, with thirties fabrics, because, well, it was the thirties. Your feathers are cool- I like where you placed them.

  2. Your quilt looks fantastic! I had to look at the pictures twice because i just couldn’t get enough! I always liked the 30-s fabrics and muted colors, I’ll have to make a 30-s quilt some day! Loved the shot how Jett owned the quilt in the beginning 🙂 Your feathers are gorgeous, you’re a true talent!

  3. Quilts that are created to honor loved ones are just the best. I truly believe they turn out better than anything we could have done without that inspiration. I love the “Grandma-P-isms” . This quilt stacks up high on the list of what to grab if you evacuate. (Sorry, our community had to evacuate this summer because of a huge fire that destroyed more than 350 homes so we now always think such morbid thoughts.)

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