HtbaS: Episode 102

I talk about website/feed updates, the Gamequilt, Halloween costumes and how we go low-maintenance with them in our family, charitable sewing, and the upcoming Veteran’s Day Google Hangout.

4 Replies to “HtbaS: Episode 102”

  1. Ha! Your “Well I *could” but I don’t wanna” response to my fabric dice suggestion made me laugh 🙂
    Love how the game quilt turned out despite (due to?) helper cat assistance during basting.

    I’ve never been sure if that Millenium Falcon silhouette in the header wasn’t maybe some kind of fat round little geeky cat with a nubby tail, you know.

    Re Star Wars cats – did you ever see these: ?

    My first response was absolutely Yes to the idea of Nathan Fillion as Han Solo, but now I think about it, I’m not too sure if it might not be too close to Captain Mal…

    And I also said to my stepson when he announced his horror at Disney having bought Lucasfilm that Disney couldn’t do anything worse than the three “prequels.”….

    Do you actually sleep? I still stand in utter awe at how much you get done…

  2. Always enjoyable.

    Maryland/Virginia Quilters Quest starts tomorrow, so I’ll be missing the Google Hangout. Have fun!

  3. Nathan…as Han Solo…fits SOOOO well!

    You are totally inspiring me to sew. Thank you for your podcast. I know how hard it is when you have a busy house. My podcast lost in the fight to exist…when I just ran out of time.

    I LOVE your Star Wars Quilt! Are you making the pattern? You might have mentioned it…but I don’t remember. Sorry!

    Hope that you are well!

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