New (Permanent) Podcast Feed is ready!

The new feed is alive and ready! It stinks that this is the third feed I’ve set up in iTunes, and deleting the two prior ones means that I have lost of those reviews as well.  Oh well. Perhaps for Christmas you all could give me a review on my new feed?

Since my Podomatic ProAccount will continue through the end of November, I’ll continue dual posting on both feeds and give the announcement of the feed switch-over in every podcast between now and then.  I will also post the bonus “story” episode on the new feed.

How to tell if you have the new feed for the podcast in iTunes:

  • The new feed has the bonus “Story” episode as episode 101a.
  • The old feed’s description has changed to “This is the old feed for Hip to be a Square. Please see for information on how to subscribe to the new feed.”
  • The new feed’s logo is red, blue, tan, and green.  The old feed has orange instead of red in the logo.
  • The new feed has all 100+ episodes. The old feed will only have the last 2-3.
  • I will delete the old feed from Podomatic by the end of the year. If nothing else, you’ll get some sort of “feed not found” error in iTunes.

You can click this ridiculously large button to get to the new feed in iTunes:

Or you can manually subscribe using this RSS feed:

Thanks again for your patience during this process!