Pink Houndstooth Weekender – Finished!

My fingers are sore, and my voice is scratchy from all the cursing. But I’ve finally finished the first Weekender tote. This one is actually a commission for a Christmas present for a friend’s daughter.

Weekender - Pink Houndstooth

The pink houndstooth is a canvas fabric from Hobby Lobby. The grey dandelion print came from  There are lots of other blog entries with tips for tackling this undertaking, so I’ve only got three extra tips to share.

Weekender - Pink Houndstooth

  • I used 1/4″ Steam a Seam to fuse my piping.  It went quicker than sewing it, and left me the option to pull open the ends and cut out some bulks at the seams for the pockets when the time came.
  • Rather than do the piping the way the pattern calls for at the overlap on the bottom of the side pieces, at a friend’s suggestion I used this method for a neat join (instructions courtesy of Husqvarna Viking).
  • The bottom corners gave me the most problems when assembly time came.  I have the Clover red clips, which worked find for the straight sections, but I ended up hand basting the pieces together and then machine stitching them.

I’ve committed to do another bag for my mom, but I’m doing that one as a patchwork project, and expect the assembly to be a bit better without the Peltex in the sides.

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