WIP Wednesday: Double Orange

Lots going on this week! As I pieced the blocks for Festive Flurries (28 blocks needed for my layout), I finished all the Sugar & Spice blocks (25 needed) as my leaders & enders. So now I’m piecing the top for Festive Flurries and Sugar & Spice as leaders & enders for each other.

Orange Cat on Orange Quilt
Orange Cat on Orange Quilt

Nina helped me lay out the Sugar & Spice blocks. When she wasn’t shooting laser beams out of her eyes.

I’m waiting on the border fabric for Festive Flurries, but should get the center pieced, inner border, and the HST “flanges” (border on only two sides) done by the time it arrives.  There’s no border for Sugar & Spice and I got the backing ready for it, so it’ll be ready to quilt as soon as the top is done!

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