Easy Street – Week 3

I’m sure there are multiple names for these blocks from step 3, but I can’t remember the name of any of them! Showdown at the Hoedown? Dance-off? I have no idea. It’s possible I need more coffee, or any coffee for that matter. Regardless, it’s time for another Poorly Lit Quilterpiece Theatre Photo Round-up!

It felt like Bonnie let us off easy last week because there were “only” 64 pieces. Not bad for a Dance-Off.

Easy Street - Step 3We finally got to some of the other colors, only now I had to decide which of my colors were her turquoise and lime.Ā  I decided that green = green and turquoise = burgundy. I’ve written a sticky note with that and stuck it to my pile of fabrics. Here’s hoping a kitten doesn’t abscond with it.

Easy Street - Step 3And here are all my little finished bits, all nestled into their basket.Ā  Those 4 green triangles are freaking me out, though.

Go check the linky on Bonnie’s blog for more quilters’ progress!


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  1. Well done Pam! šŸ™‚ Billie Lauder calls them the shaded 4 patch blocks and I think that’s what Bonnie mentions in her instructions too. Keep those kitties away from the basket! šŸ™‚

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