It’s the Little Things

I don’t tend to offer commentary on current events or news stories, in part because I like the blog to remain “timeless” in that it centered on my (sewing) life, and also because I have other ways to express pain/disgust/despair/whatever that don’t necessitate me spewing my opinions all over the internet. Mostly because everyone has their own opinions, and they may not match. And you know what they say about opinions.

So, having said that, the “little things” are bringing me joy. And here’s some little things I just finished.

Terrain Buffalo Bits mat

This is my Terrain buffalo bits mat. When I put this on my Q4 finish-along goals, I had thought I had way more of these HSTs to put together. As it turns out I had many more from the Snowbunny quilt than I did from Leaf Me Alone, but I did get this little mat put together, which measures 16×16″.  Since I already have a Terrain tabletopper from the twister tool, this one is going into a Christmas gift for the sibling exchange for my husband’s family.

Sweetwater TwisterAnd speaking of the twister tool, I used one and a half charm packs from Sweetwater – Reunion, and one from two years ago that I can’t remember the name of – to make this little twister quilt that will go on top of the cedar chest on our bedroom (it measures 38×28″). The twister tool gives a lot of bumpy seam intersections, and with the added meander quilting, there’s lots of texture for the cats to enjoy (the chest is next to a window they like to look out, and this is replacing some sad fleece blankets that were on top of the trunk).  The lighting is horrible, but I figure that’s the sort of quality you’ve come to expect from Poorly Lit Quilterpiece Theatre!

Easy Street Step 4

And finally yesterday I whipped up the components for Easy Street Step 4. Apparently some people are not fond of flying geese. Hmpf.  There were “only” 64 of them, so it wasn’t that bad.

Check out Bonnie’s linky to see the other Easy Street participants!


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  1. UGGGH more flying geese. I am just starting Part 4 and more flying geese in a different color. Woopie. I know i Know no complaining.

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