Last Minute Finishes

A variety of things I’ve finished recently!

Juggling Summer pillows

First, here are the pillows for my living room from the Juggling Summer line by Zen Chic. I like that the fabric line includes mossy green, dark orange, and purple, which are all my favorite colors right now.  The piping is actually a velour piping that used to be on my old comforter, and the color just happened to work out.

And here’s a little banner I made for a friend to hang in her sewing room since she just moved. I used buttons and some wooden spools from a craft kit to space the letters.

Sewing Banner

New Stocking Tag

Here’s something I didn’t sew AT ALL – it’s all Ultra Heat ‘n Bond, baby! New stocking tags for our stockings. I used to have felt letters on there with no reinforcement, so they just looked like felt strings that got wadded up. I pinked the edges, and stitched it onto the loop on the stocking with a snowflake button topper. Okay, so there was a smidge of sewing.

And finally, step 5 of Easy Street! I whipped these out earlier today while doing the last load of laundry before packing.

Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street - Step 5Check out Bonnie’s linky to see more Easy Street progress!

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