Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve

Alien Poop Trifle

A small collection of things I’ve been working on.

Alien Poop Trifle! This is a dessert I make for the Christmas celebration with my in-laws, which happens the Saturday after Christmas. It’s chocolate cake soaked with Bailey’s Irish Creamer layered with chocolate pudding and Cool Whip with Andes mints on top. At our white elephant gift exchange, the naughty patriot potholders were a hit.

I’m also all caught up on Easy Street, and waiting for clue 8, the final clue to come out tomorrow.

Easy Street Step 6 Easy Street Step 7

Morelli has a passion for modeling, and he appeared in several photos I took. I ran out of time and patience (and eventually sunlight) to get one without him in it somewhere of Step 7.  Knowing the center is 86×86″, I’m contemplating border designs to bring it up to  112×112″, so I’ll need 13 inches of border.  Hmm.

I’ve also been working on Salty Eyed, and got all the blocks done yesterday and today:

Salty Eyed Blocks
I should get these pieced into a top tonight, and get it ready for quilting tomorrow.

131 2-patches.

And while I’ve been piecing Easy Street and Salty Eyed, I’ve been making up these little 2-patches for another scrappy quilt.  I need enough to make 160 4-patches, and each of these stacks is 10 units. Only eleventy frillion to go!

Join us on twitter tomorrow for the New Year’s Sew-In! Hashtag #NYSI.


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  1. I love everything you do, but find myself completely mesmerized by your Alien Poop Trifle. Oddly enough, Google could not find such a recipe. Do you care to share? I’m about 5 episodes behind, so if you’ve already mentioned a link, I apologize in advance.

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