Memories of Provence – Finished!

I finished this quilt late Sunday night, but with the rain in Atlanta yesterday couldn’t take decent pictures of it until today.

Memories of Provence - Finished!

“Decent ” might be an overstatement given that my photography is questionable at the best of times, and this queen sized quilt is bigger than my little ol’ laundry dryer on my back porch. But it’s done and I’m happy with it!  Here’s a picture of only the center:

Memories of Provence - Finished!

I was rather haphazard in how I arranged the blocks, and I’m sure there’s a more scientific method to laying them out. And I can’t really tell you which one was block 12, either.

Memories of Provence - Finished!This little part in the setting triangles is my favorite bit of quilting. I had to mark each triangle to do it, but it’s worth it. The rest of the quilting is an overall meander in the center (in white) and the outer border (in red).  The green border was just straight line quilted.

The back is rather boring since it’s just a whole piece of backing fabric, so here’s another block to ogle:

Memories of Provence - Finished!This is heading up with us to my parents’ house to live on their guest bed. That means I get to use it first!

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  1. Really pretty, Pam! I’d be hard pressed to part with it, but I guess for parents I could. Merry Christmas!

  2. I have only recently learned about the Memories of Provence quilt–this week in fact. Because this quilt is 2 years old ,I’m now left wondering where in the world I can purchase the pattern??? Can you help me with this?

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