Patchwork Weekender: Finished!

After much cursing (had to fit all that in before my resolution to curse less in 2013!) and pricking of fingers, I finished the patchwork Weekender bag for my mom!

Patchwork WeekenderShe picked out that floral fabric as the main fabric, and along with some others she bought I sorted through my stash for the rest to make the patchwork.  I like the little butterflies that peek out occasionally.

Patchwork WeekenderI think when I make the third and final bag (for me!), I’ll leave off the side pockets, or make them differently so there is not as much bulk in those bottom corners. I did hand-baste that area together which helped immensely, but there’s still a TON of layers to stitch through and I ended up using a top-stitching needle to make it work (after many skipped stitches in a regular heavy duty and denim needle).

This main zipper is the least assy zipper I’ve ever put in. I credit that to ludicrous amounts of pressing of the quilted panels for the top.

Patchwork Weekender

So far I’ve stuffed it full of peanut brittle, ornaments, and whatever else I need to shove in there to take up to my parent’s house this weekend. This bag counts as part of her birthday present in January, so perhaps I’ll stick a birthday card in there too.

5 Replies to “Patchwork Weekender: Finished!”

  1. Really, really nice, Pam! I hope you feel it’s worth the cussing! The fussy-cut butterflies are a wonderful touch. Great colors, very nice look all around. She’ll love it, I’m sure!

  2. This turned out really well! As far as I’m concerned, some cussing is always necessary. I can’t wait to see the one you make for yourself.

  3. I LOVE that bag! Very beautiful. The colors and construction look great. We do need a few cross words on occasion to make it through some projects. It’s just a good thing that fabric has no voice recording effects.

  4. I love your bag. All the stiffening put me off, some of the names I couldn’t find here in UK, so like you I used a canvas type subsitute. The quilt as you go method is so restful but I have a problem with any instructions so much swearing was necessary. Fortunately I chose black white and red, the blood hardly shows. Everyone is most impressed by my bag and my seventeen year old grand daughter came round for a lesson. Her fabric is already on order. Thank you

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