WIP Wednesday: Weekendery

As usual, my sewing machine is a hotbed of activity.

As usual, the sewing machine is a hotbed of activity.And when I do manage to shoo the kittens away long enough to sew something, I’m turning this pile of fabric…

Weekender Bag - in progress… into a Weekender bag for my mom.  I am making pretty good progress – so far I have all the panels patchworked and am starting assembly.  I was super excited until…

Weekender Bag - in progressI noticed that I forgot to sew the handles on the main body panels before attaching the pocket and lining. Alas! Easily rectified since it’s all long basting stitches, but still. Poo.

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  1. What a cool pic of your kitties. 🙂 The one closest to the machine looks exactly like our Boo – who is forever getting in my way when I’m sewing. 🙂

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