A Quilter’s Week: Madrona Road Challenge Quilt – Finished!

A Quilter's WeekI ran out and dodged raindrops to get pictures of this today because I was so excited to show it off!

The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild is participating in the larger MQG Madrona Road challenge in Q1 this year.  Members were given a fat quarter of one print in the collection (mine was a solid mustard) and a fat eighth of each of 6 other prints, and instructed to make a mini quilt to present at the February meeting.

I was inspired by a silly thing, really – the idea of those “days of the week” retro redwork towels with kittens doing laundry. And I started thinking what a quilter’s week would look like.  Once I drew out the applique shapes for the various activities, I alternated the applique blocks with some log cabin blocks made out of every last bit of my Madrona Road fabric.

Monday is for cutting

I did teeny-tiny script words in each block with the task for that day.

A Quilter's Week

Tuesday is for piecing

On some of the blocks I added embellishment, like this embroidered thread.

A Quilter's Week

Wednesday is for pressing

I did an FMQ microstipple in each of the blocks.

A Quilter's Week

Thursday is for more cutting

Mostly I just wanted a pair of scissors on this quilt!

A Quilter's Week

Friday is for swearing

And some unsewing, of course.

A Quilter's Week

Saturday is for quilting

There’s a fun bit of silver metallic thread that comes off this block and runs into the log cabin blocks next to it.

A Quilter's Week

Sunday is for resting

A Quilter's Week

Under your new quilt, of course.

17 Replies to “A Quilter’s Week: Madrona Road Challenge Quilt – Finished!”

  1. Wow is that cute! I’ll bet there are people who would buy that pattern if, you know, you were interested in that kind of thing. ;o)

    So clever and great use of a color that would have made me want to cry.

  2. Brilliant!! Love the fabrics! How big is it? Scaling from the clothes pegs, I’d guess around 20″ x 30″? Each block 6×6″? Definitely a pattern you could sell!

  3. The quilt is genius. I love it. The colors and stitching …..a keeper. I see pattern in the future:-)

  4. So adorable! I also saw the show at the Mable House as my kids have classes there. There are some lovely pieces and I really enjoyed getting to see the organic quilt again; it is so full of interesting ideas.

  5. That’s amazing! Our fabric took a while to get here, we started in February and quilts are due at our May sew day. I’m just quilting mine at the moment.

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