Announcing the #SBSI Sew-In!

Inspiration struck this morning when Valerie asked if there was going to be a sew-in this weekend for the big game. Well, I know all about big games since I was in high school band so I decided to tie together an #SBSI twitter sew-in and the giveaway for my 25thish iTunes review!

There is nothing worse than feeling left out of large social and cultural events. I mean, sure, sports are hard and who can keep track of all those nit-picky facts like runs and side-outs and points. The only points we care about are those on a pinwheel or flying geese unit, amiright ladies?

So, shed those tacky polyester jerseys, slap on some soft pants and join me for the SportsBall Sew-In this weekend!


I asked on my last podcast episode for suggestions for a giveaway and since I got one, and it was a good one, I’m going to give away a zipper bag. I don’t have it finished yet, but I drew a reasonable facsimile of it:

SBSI bag

It may not be blue. It may be blue. I honestly don’t know because I haven’t made it yet. In fact I’m going to make TWO so I can give one away here on the blog and one on twitter the official day of the Sportsball Match!

To give a rough idea of size, it’ll be smaller than a sportsball.
SBSI ball

I’ll have a special post go up on Saturday evening my time for the giveaway on the blog. Hopefully it will have a picture of the zipper pouch on it. Or I’ll draw a new picture. I want it up there so people in other timezones can still have a chance to win. The twitter giveaway will happen Sunday evening Eastern time.

Hope to talk to you all on twitter then!

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  1. Thank you for all of the laughs in this post! I love your sense of humor. The button for the sew in with the girl and her curling equipment is very amusing. My brother just took up curling as a sport this year, thinking that he and his wife could do it together. She didn’t agree! Have a great sew in. My family will be traveling after cheering on my son’s winning team at a state Lego robotics competition. Long live the Robot Squad!

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