HtbaS – Episode 113

I talk about another New Thing about me, the website reorganization, Tricky Stars, charitable sewing, and Borders: What’s Up With Them?

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 113”

  1. I “cheat” on my borders too. One thing I always do, though, is keep the border on top, when I am sewing it to the quilt top. That stretches the border fabric a tiny bit, and, in my opinion, avoids the wavy border problem. I’ve never done an on-point quilt, though.

  2. I’m a Cancer baby too, and agree with the emotional reflecting pool concept. I pick up other people’s mannerisms and accents far too easily and notice that the weather affects my mood tremendously. Last week was miserable, but then the sun came out just in time for the weekend and I’m right as rain. Good news: it makes us empathetic, caring, loving people.

    I have found, now that I’m a wise old 40-something, that it makes me more aware of who I want to spend time around and more willing to avoid the people and situations that are constantly negative and draining.

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