HtbaS – Episode 114

I talk about working on signature blocks, 16-patches, cross-stitching and cooking yellow squash. Short and sweet since both Jett’s and my husband’s surgeries this week mean I haven’t done a ton of sewing! Jett pops in to say “hi!” and sneeze a lot during the episode.

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  1. Hi Pam-
    I have a Minky tip for you and your listeners. Instead of backing with Minky fabric, I found a similar type blanket at a local warehouse store and it worked beautifully. It also had the added bonus of being less expensive ($30 for a queen sized blanket) and I didn’t have to piece it. Thanks for podcasting. I love listening!

  2. I, too, am a crier, and those patriotic songs hit hard (Navy brat here). Hallmark commercials are bad. I also once cried at an episode of Rugrats when Chuckie and his dad were talking about his mother, who had died. I can’t blame the crying on being a Cancer, though, since I’m Sagittarius. None of the men in my house know how to deal with it, so they just offer me a box of tissues and carry on.

    It’s nice to hear from your new helper cat. We’ve missed that.

    I hope Brief recovers quickly from his surgery! Good luck to you both.

  3. I know you’re on the last book of the Jamie and Clare Outlander series, but you can’t forget the companion Lord John Gray series…

    I agree with your discussion of Marian Keyes doing a nice job with difficult topics. As one familiar with 12 Step Programs, I appreciate what she writes about and how she presents it.

    All the best.

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