Pre-Weekend Finish-y Type Things

I did some stuff, and here it is!

Eloquence, thy muse is blogging.

Pouches for Wellspring LivingAs mentioned on episode 113, I finished 8 toiletry bags for the girls in the Wellspring Living recovery program, AND found the picture I took of them.

I used some of my leftover Habitat fabric, because honestly, when else I was going to get a chance to use those two 7″ peach zippers for something? An 80’s peach pegged pant revival?

Hells no.

Also, this happened. A LOT.

Morelli has feels about quilting

Brown/Teal TopAnd I finished this top, which is going to Jenny for her church’s prayer group. I actually like it better now that I look at it in the harsh fluorescent light of my kitchen. Which might not be all that much of a recommendation, now that I reflect back on it.

It still feels like it needs something.

Ah yes. Put a dog on it.



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  1. My cat is all too fond of my sewing extension table too. Last night I shooed him off and then he went and sulked on a pile of batting scraps. The border fabric really makes that quilt – I love brown and teal together.

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