Recent Giftie Finishes

Since these gifties have made their way to the various recipients, I can finally post pictures!

Craft aprons for some friends.

The first items are a set of aprons I made to share with some friends; I kept one for myself to wear when I’m sewing and wearing soft pants with no pockets as it’s handy for holding scissors and iPods and whatnot.

I got the idea from this blog post, and have a couple extra canvas apron bases in case I need to whip up a couple more on the spur of the moment.

Luggage tags for my mom

Next I have a set of luggage tags.  I made a set of 2 for my mom, and a set for a friend, both of whom are fans of Elvis.  I saw this on a recent Sewing with Nancy episode and it reminded me of Grama Eddie, who always used to put a yard tassel on her suitcase to pick out easily which was hers on the baggage carousel.

You do need a small piece of clear vinyl to make the pocket for the card to go in, and since I don’t have a teflon presser foot I just used strips of tissue paper on top of the vinyl to move it smoothly through the feed dogs. I provided an explanation for my friend of what they were, but forgot to include that in my mom’s birthday present.  So I got a kind of confused thank you email and then offered this picture to explain:

Luggage Tag in actionI do want to make a set for me, but haven’t decided what fabric to use yet.

Boxy Pouch for my mom

And to round out the travel theme for mom’s birthday (remember the Weekender bag I made her?), I made her a couple zip pouches.

For the boxy pouch, I used this tutorial to make it fully lined no visible seam allowances on the inside.

Elvis Pouch for my mom

For the Elvis one, I just winged it and tried a recessed zipper.

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  1. I love the zippered pouches! You should totally do a giveaway with them! I would love to have one for a make up bag. 🙂

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