Weekend Progress

I’ll do my Sunday Stash report in a bit – there’s a chance I’ll finish some more things to count, so for now here’s some of the things I’ve finished the past couple days.

Saturday Sampler Blocks

I got block 7 for Going Coastal (on the left) and the first block for the new program called Royal Gardens (on the right). For the new program I went with the purple colorway. It reminds me of my high school colors (purple and gold! Go Monarchs!), but hopefully that similarity will abate somewhat as time goes on.

Going Coastal - Block 7 Royal Gardens - Block 1
Car Wallet

I made this as a “big brother” present for my cousin’s son.  My cousin’s wife is pregnant with a little boy and due the same time as my sister.  I made the Robot Love quilt for the baby, but wanted to send something along for their first son, too, so  her wouldn’t feel left out with the new baby coming.

Car Wallet

Car Wallet

I had a piece of Cars fabric in my stash from when I made my son shorts and my daughter a sundress about 6 years ago, which I used for the outside cover.  I used this tutorial as the base, but added some top stitching around the edge and where the folds of the wallet go. I also added fusible interfacing to the exterior piece and dog-eared the corners for the top flap.

If you’re not familiar with the Cars toy cars, they are slightly bigger in scale than Matchbox cars.  These cars are a little loose in the wallet, so if I were making one for Matchbox cars, I would make the wallet a bit smaller, or divide the pockets into 5 pockets instead of 4.

Fred’s New Coats

Fred's new coat

I made Fred two coats for the chilly weather (just in time for it to be in the 70’s here the last couple days).  Here he is modeling one of them. The other one I made is a black background with footballs on it.

I think it’s fairly accurate to say he’s channeling Ralph from the bunny suit scene in A Christmas Story.

Bloomer Makes Quilts

Bloomer's Sewing Machine

My daughter, who will be seven in week (!!!!), made two quilts this week. They are on the small side, and I had to help, but she was excited to start and finish the projects. No pictures of the finished projects yet, but here’s a picture of her sewing machine, a Janome Sew Mini, and the desk she’s using as a sewing table.  This desk was my mom’s when she was growing up, so it’s got good vibes.

One of my future projects will be to make a carry/storage bag to keep her machine in when it’s not in use.


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  1. Cute car catcher! Fred looks cozily miserable. 😉 That desk reminds me of one my dad has only his is about 2 times that size. I look forward to seeing those 2 little quilts your daughter made!

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