WIP Wednesday: Is this real life?

I’m in that weird post-holiday-what-the-heck-day-is-it space, compounded by the inability to get completely back to normal life because the children are still out of school until next Monday. So here’s hoping it’s actually Wednesday.

Morelli loves this quilt alreadyI got the Salty Eyed top pieced and sandwiched and ready to quilt last year. HA! I’m so funny.

Morelli is already a fan of this quilt (which is minky backed) despite it not being quilted yet. Truth be told he sat on everything I tried to take pictures of for this post.  The good thing about using a jelly roll for this pattern is that there are leftover strips you can use for a scrappy binding (seen wrapped around my cardboard to the left there).

Unrelated, if I were to rename Morelli, I would change his name to Vanna. He’s quite the model, and I can’t lay a project out without feeling like he’s excited someone bought a vowel.

I also got all the blocks pieced for Easy Street, finishing around 10:30pm last night. Here are the blocks and setting triangles laid out nicely for the cats to run over as they frolic:Easy Street - Blocks complete!I think my in-laws will really love this quilt.  I’ve got an idea for the border laid out, but I could technically add another row and column of blocks to increase the size of the center. Somehow I feel like that might crush my spirit.  So the current plan is to border this bad boy up: 1) 1 1/2″ skinny border, 2) 6″ flying geese border, 3) 1 1/2″ skinny border, 4) 3″ solid border, 5) 1 1/2″ skinny border.  However, that also feels overwhelming.  In the spirit of Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow (I’ve been listening to Gone with the Wind again, and it’s infusing my thoughts in ways I had forgotten it had when I first read it as a teenager).

311 2-patches done!And in the process of piecing all those Easy Street blocks, I’ve been getting my two-patches of lime and white put together.  I’m up to 311 done, out of 320 needed. After I finish the last nine, I’ll start sewing them into 4 patches.


6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Is this real life?”

  1. I totally agree, Morelli should be a model! Wouldn’t it be awesome for him to make some money to cover the costs? :))))
    I can’t wait to see your Salty Eyed quilted it looks great already 🙂 And the Easy Street…. hmm…flying geese border? Someone doesn’t have much to do :))) I’m sure you’ll get it done in no time. How many more flying geese will you need? 🙂 Just curious…
    And YES, it IS Wednesday… At least it’s a short week, right?

  2. HA! You crack me up, too, with Morelli buying a vowel! Perhaps he has low self esteem and wants to be around you to improve it. I do like the idea of cat model. Perhaps he could make enough to keep himself in food and litter and send one kid to college?

    Salty Eyed looks awesome. I think it is interesting that you mention it has minkee on it, but the big guy doesn’t seem to be sitting on the minkee part??

    I am going to do Easy Street. I like the way the blocks turned out. How does Bonnie Hunter conceptualize them?
    Take care!

  3. How is it even possible that you have a full time job, children and a husband? You have GOT to win an award for fastest, most accurate, most beautifully pieced and quilted projects in the shortest amount of time EVER. You simply amaze me. I barely got 3 nine patches sewn together this week. 🙂

  4. GWTW infusing your thoughts; that’s a good way to put it. I read it when I was eight and I just know it warped me in non PC ways. I didn’t understand why Scarlett was so perky after Rhett carried her up the staircase, until I was about 13, though.

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