Happy Birthday Jett!

Dear Jett,

Today, you are one. It might be an arbitrary day assigned to be your birthday, but your mom is still at Good Mews so I think it’s pretty close.

Jett at the shelter

I don’t know if you remember being at the shelter since you were there for quite a while. Well, first you were with your foster mom Sharon (who still asks about you, and I still give her updates because she raises the best most snuggliest kittens ever. See also: Morelli), but then you were in the kitten room for a looooong time because despite your aforementioned awesome snugglisms, people were scared of your eye.

Sure, being infected with herpes never sounds good to anyone. Cat herpes isn’t transmittable to people; it isn’t an STD – it’s more like a cold virus that can recur under times of stress (a common characteristic of people herpes, so I think that’s why it’s named the same thing).  Anyway, aside from your eye looking a little weird, it’s not that big a deal.

Catus Interrupted

Anyway, the point being that you? Are awesome. You are affectionate and brave and playful. You have pink jellybean toes on your massive biscuit-making paws.  You can jump high to catch the rattle mice and catch them in mid-air 90% of the time. You love your brother Morelli, and snuggle with him ALL the time.

But I’m going to let you in on a secret.  I wasn’t sure I could handle having another black and white tuxedo cat after Zoom and Zapper.  I loved them almost more than anything and I was a bit scared I’d be reminded of them too much and be sad with you in the house. But the great thing about you is that it’s nearly impossible to be sad around you.  Also, you don’t give two figs who wants you around because dang it, you’re going to be around if you want.

Case in point: we entered the kitten room on that day and you made your wishes known to come home with us RIGHT NOW by immediately laying down in my son’s lap. And not even budging when Morelli came up and sat next to you.  That’s a lot of cat for an 8 year old to hold in his lap (and then shortly thereafter you sat in my daughter’s lap, and then mine because you knew how to sucker us in).  So when the kids both asked if we could bring you and your brother home, I figured I could just get over my fear and accept the fact that I will apparently always have a black and white cat in my house.

Jett is King of WIPs

And it’s a good thing we got to you when we did; after we adopted you I heard from so many other volunteers and vet techs that they were *this close* to bringing you home themselves.  Your natural charm is a great benefit at the eye doctor too because they always do their best to bring us in on time for appointments because they want to get you in the exam room to play with you.

So happy birthday to my darling Big Handsome Boy. Thank you for helping me heal. And sitting on my lap when I poop.

7 Replies to “Happy Birthday Jett!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jett! And Gesundheit! I think it’s cute when you sneeze all over Pam when she’s podcasting 🙂 >^..^<
    What a great tribute to your beautiful boy, Pam – I'm glad for him and you that you found each other.
    Are Jett and Morelli true brothers (which would make it Morelli's birthday too) or did they just adopt each other at the shelter?

  2. Awwww, what a lovely post. I am glad to hear Jett has brought so much happiness into your life. Happy Birthday Jett.

  3. Err, hi! I have just recently found your (very fun!) podcast, and so I’m starting at the beginning (because I’m anal like that; I think I’m on episode 30)… But, I just had to comment on this post, as I keep hearing Zapper share in the episodes I’ve heard so far, which makes me smile, as my current cat has the same “no, Mom, you’re not supposed to be talking to yourself – talk to me!” instinct. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and as a beginning quilter, and an Access user, I’m really loving listening in to you and your life.

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