HtbaS – Episode 115

I talk about the family health update, tornadoes, the Sportsball Sew In this weekend, Artists’ Reception for Thoroughly Modern Quilts, cooking steak, two book reviews, and actual sewing and quilting.

Here’s my guild board all duded up at the reception last night! From left to right, Secretary Amy, VP Lynn, Social Events Alison (whose husband took the picture), Treasurer Rae, me, and President Andi. These girls are great!

Rae is not really that tall, but neither am I. She out-shoe-d me and showed up in 4″ heels, compared to the 3″ ones I wearing. Showoff.

5 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 115”

  1. Hey Pam, I cracked up when you mentioned call your “groupies” the “Blockheads.” I belong to the most awesome quilt group and we call ourselves the “Blockheads!” Thanks for the podcast! Tami In Denver

  2. Hi Pam,
    I wear aprons daily in my quilt studio (I’m a longarmer) to keep pet hair safely protected on my clothes. I keep a Dritz Quilting Folding Seam Ripper in my pocket, it folds in half so the point is protected (and so is your pocket). It’s much handier than the retractable clips with scissors. Love your podcast, sorry that I can’t leave an iTunes review as my computer is not on speaking terms with iTunes except to allow downloads of current podcast subscriptions. It touches my heart how you and your family have taken in pets with challenges and give them the medical care needed plus lots of love.
    Take care, Sally

  3. Pam, you were 100% correct about my last name. It is Polynesian. My husband is from Samoa. 🙂 And it is pronounced exactly like you were going to say it. 🙂

  4. I think your groupies could be Cubists. Because we are squares who love you in all three dimensions (blog, podcast, twitter).
    I had a love/hate relationship with The Light Between Oceans. Although it was well written and I NEEDED to know what happened, I had a horrible pit in my stomach from early on knowing that there was no way for this to have an ending that would make me feel good. UGH!!! Also, waaaaay too close to home.

  5. Loved this episode. The best part was how you addressed your daughter’s handmade gift to her friend. Way to go for encouraging her to make it and still set it up so that she didn’t suffer the rath of a 7-year-old’s immaturity and lack of grace. You handled it perfectly! And the birthday girl’s Mother did as well.

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