HtbaS – Episode 117

I talk about the never-a-dull-moment-ness of pet ownership, finishing some nap mats, a brief run down on the quilted picnic placemat tutorial, and the Bricks quilt block pattern.

Picture 002Special bonus picture of my daughter’s first Halloween costume, which is now passed on to my pending niece!


2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 117”

  1. Still behind on the podcasts, but trying to catch up. I blame the cough.

    I had to laugh at your Mom/Mama comment. I thought it was dumb for moms to refer to themselves as Mom or Mommy so I always said ‘I’ like I was having a normal conversation with a person who could actually understand what I was saying instead of a tiny baby. Imagine my surprise when the Young Man started to talk and call me ‘I’!!! It was pretty funny. Nobody knew what he was talking about, but I knew immediately. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Thanks for the updates on Boxer’s shoulder recovery progress. They have been very helpful to me, serviing as a barometer on how I am doing. I’m in week 3, have been sleeping/non sleeping in the bed for a week, but still taking naps in the recliner. I’ve also been wearing regular shirts for about a week, but they have to be HUGE or from my husband’s closet in order for me to get them on and off. Post surgery downtime from quilting is killing me, but today I discovered that I can crochet without hurting myself. Yay!! Apparently my husband would rather stick a needle in his eye than scrub a bathroom, but he actually did just that this weekend. Will the miracles never cease? LOL!

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