HtbaS – Episode 118

Another week of not much sewing or blogging – sad trombone! I did attend a meeting for a new (to me) guild, met a listener, give a book review, a recipe review, and talk about how to prep your quilt top for a long armer to quilt.

Here is my block for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild “Quilt Block Throw Down” – it had to be inspired by the classic pinwheel block. Not sure how well you can tell, but it’s 3D!

PinwheelsAnd here’s the Crockpot Lemon Chicken recipe I talk about.

5 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 118”

  1. Cool pinwheels! I had the same feeling about Echo in the Bone as you did, I could not believe how much she threw in there in the end. And don’t worry about pronouncing my name right, no offense taken!

  2. Cute pinwheels! When you mentioned the challenge before, it never occurred to me that you meant you make them 3d! They will look cute on that triptych

  3. Oooh. I like the 3D pinwheels!

    One additional tip/request regarding prepping for the longarmer:

    If the outside borders on the top and/or the quilt back are pieced, please make sure the seams at the outside edges are secured somehow, either by backstitching the ends of those seams when piecing, or by staystitching all the way around the top or back. I’ve never actually charged anybody yet if I have to do that before I can load a quilt, because it really doesn’t take me that long, but it is a PITA – but if it’s not done, then seams can pop open at the edge, which is also a PITA.

    Scritches to the fur kids. Continuing to wish you good luck with the integration.

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